John P. Cole


Hair transplant surgery has been one of Dr. Cole’s passions since 1990. He has been involved in the field for over 18 years with his practice dedicated strictly to hair transplant surgery for 18 years. Is there another field of medicine? He has been with the ISHRS since 1993 and attended the inaugural meeting in Dallas, Texas. He has chaired both the beginner’s course (twice) and the ISHRS Annual Society Meeting. He was one of the first 30 physicians certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). He also served on the board of directors and the examination committee of the ABHRS. He began innovating instruments and methods in FUE in 2002. FUE became 90% of his practice by 2003 primarily out of patient demand. He has developed many instruments and methods for the extraction of individual follicular units including 4 automated devices, which all function differently and utilize a variety of energy sources. He has trained many physicians whose practice is dedicated predominantly to FUE.

Hobbies include golf, tennis, salt-water fishing, and survival camping.